And, why paddle 340 miles across the entire state of Missouri?, Doug, July 2016

I'm doing this because I'm crazy and going through a midlife crisis.

I am new to paddling and have never done anything like a marathon.
Seriously though, I'm doing this to make a memory of a lifetime.
My team, Clio River Rats, are my life long friends that I grew up with.
They have done the MR340 four years in a row and have completed it three times.
Our goal is simple,"finish no matter what".
We aren't there to break a speed record.

I haven't been training besides dragon boating and SUP so it will be interesting to see how I cope with the pains of marathon paddling.
I think what will keep me going is that the three other paddlers on the boat are going to finish the race and they must have some faith that I'm able to the same.
Not letting my team down will be a big motivator.
Never quit.