I do this for the reason anybody would..., Bill, July 2016

I do this for the reason anybody would: it is an awesome, fun, amazing, unique thing to do. Deciding to do it is easy--if you can, you should. It isn't until training starts that the question creeps in: "what have I gotten myself into?" On the hard days, it is best to stay focused on the stroke you are on, right now, and not think too far ahead. There is still a lot of aching and soreness from hard training, as long hours go by.

Paddling for 6 years. Dragon boating and outrigger canoe.

Competitions in the Bay Area, Long Beach, San Diego, Portland, Vancouver WA, Vancouver Canada, Toronto, California 100 race on the Sacramento River, New Orleans, Hong Kong, and Boracay Philippines

I paddle for good health, all the places it takes me, and friends I have made.