I am hooked., Jimmy, August 2016

I still remember when I first tried paddling back in 2011, it was fun and addicting. I backed out because I couldn't commit. 
Now, I am stronger and ready to embrace dragonboating as a competitive sport.

Before joining dragonboating, my only competitive sport was swimming back in high school. 
For reasons, I never dove and committed into any sport after my professional career started. 
Feeling blessed to stay within Kaiser, our enthusiastic and energetic captain, Kathy, found me, AGAIN.

Everyone on the team is very welcoming as we paddle through practices and races. 
There is an urgency to win on this team, which I enjoyed very much. 
There is so much to learn spending time on and off the boat.

Because of these many factors, I am hooked. 
Many more years to come!