TT Day

Captain's Log Star date 8-17-08 

 I can still see your smiling faces from yesterday. Time Trials day !! we are all excited, nervous, ignorant,  sleepy, want to do better that the last one...all the feelings on the bog TT day.   For some of you this was your first TT you were not quite sure what it all meant... you had good time and could not understand why we hated you, some  did better and said a silent prayer,   some did the same and was philosophical about it   "on any given day    "  some said Ross said the conditions were different. 

  With all of the angst of TT day, there was a sense of "we are all in this together" I felt pure Healer unity in the air ! one system,one breathing,one thought,and one dragon ! My heart was filled with wonder at this thing called Dragon Boating which could unify such a diverse group of people and create this sense of joy. 

This feeling transfered unto the Amazon Healers boat, 6 hours of paddeling seemed doable we felt we could do anything and we did. The entire time was spent with much laughter on the boat, jokes about food, injured paddlers, clothing, shoes, manicures, pedicures, dogs, insects and animals we might encounted in the wilds of the Amazon..... The Amazon Healers achieved another level of bonding in the boat yesterday. Paddlers from other teams  wishing us well as they talked of their admiration and awe of us Healers....our community !  We came off the water giddy with pride...another 6 hour paddle down, one more to go before we start tapering........right promised ! 

Yesterday was Ross' and my 22 wedding anniversary...I asked him earlier in the week what he had planned for us, and in typical Healer fashion he said "time trials'     I asked again later in the week hoping for another answer, but got the same response.... so time trials it was ! and what a glorious day it was.  

Thanks Healers, you all worked hard and gave it all you had.

Captain out !

Kathy Britt