“It sounds like fun“


Captain’s Log - August 7, 2008

Every other week our CEO George Halverson writes a letter to all employees. Last week he wrote about our sport – DRAGON BOATING! I did not expect much from this letter. I thought people would say to me “Oh….so that is what you are so crazy about?”, or “It sounds like fun“, followed by a change of subject. I did not expect the avalanche of interest in our sport! People want to join our teams. Facilities want to start their own teams. I have a vision of an All Kaiser Regatta in the near future!

As a result of the interest, we reopened recruitment. We will have 5 new paddlers starting on Saturday. They each promised me the next 8 weeks so we can get them race ready for TI. In addition I will be working with 4 new facilities in Southern California to form year round Corporate Teams. I am already working the Kaiser San Diego and will be traveling there this fall for a ”Day on the Water” recruiting party.  This is very exciting and fulfills one of our Healers Goals for this season – growth of the sport.

Our team continues to be the Gold standard for Corporate Teams. Some Club teams in the Bay Area are curious about our point and transparency system. They see it makes for a happy successful team.

The CDBA had its first Treasure Island planning meeting last Monday. For the next 2 months I will be very busy as I prepare for my BIG coming out party as VP of Operations at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival in October. Wish me luck!

I will use this log to keep you updated on some of the behind the scenes Dragon Boat projects with which I am involved. Until we get a Forum page set up where we can post our thoughts and share ideas, feel free to send me your ideas and thoughts to Kathleen.Britt@KP.ORG .

See you on the water!

Kathy Britt