The thrill, the hunger, the drive..., Joy, May 2014

To my dear Healer Family,

It has been nearly 21 years to the date since I last competed in a competitive team and I so very thankful to all of you for giving me a reason to get back out there.

The thrill, the hunger, the drive all came pushing through as soon as the starting horn blew. It was just under three minutes but so full of different sensations:

- paddles digging into the splashing water

- the rhythmic beating drum

- Tracy's passionate voice urging us to dig deeper, reach farther and keep fighting (especially loved the high pitched screams!)

- teammates fighting forward in unison counts, grunts and encouraging chants (up, up, up, push, push, push...)

- Tony's guiding steer and calming and reassuring voice to keep us focused (Tracy and Tony are a perfect yin/yang)

- and then that final HOLD THE BOAT when the race was finished

You knew everyone left it all on the water and you couldn't ask for anything more!

I think our final mixed results are a strong testament to how great the coaching staff is, how strong the team is, and how our chant "one crew, one bump, one boat, one race, every stroke counts" was probably ringing in everyone's ears as they were paddling down the lake. We were a mere 3 seconds apart: Gold - 2:31.60 and Red - 2:34.60.

Talk about a great way to start the season! From the before the sun comes up set up, to the fantastic spread, to the back to back was truly an experience I will never forget. I am so thankful to be a part of this Dragon Healer family.

Thank you ever so much!!!

Paddles up...