A victory lap to remember, Tony, Toronto, June 2014


All the boats were lined for the Premier Open Mix J finals. The horn went off and all blasted off with a fury. 100 meters--- still together . 250 meters-- still the same. At this point, the announcer was getting more vocal. I heard him say "San Francisco DragonHealers is leading!" Everyone hit that finish line ever so close to each other. Then I heard the announcer say SF DragonHealers again. I had no idea where we placed, but I had a good feeling.

I was first to get my boat turned around to head back to the dock. As we were heading back, I saw so many people standing by the banks of the waterway standing and clapping for us. I decided to get close to them. I was overwhelmed by all of these friendly Canadians and New Yorkers that I decided to "let the boat ride" and enjoy the moment with my team. We cruised by Rob and Michael's family there standing with the rest of the crowd, looking so joyful and in tears. Wow! Those precious 10-15 seconds of my short victory lap will forever be mine!