Thanks for a Great Trip to Long Beach, Ross, July 2015

Hey Healers,

Thanks for a great trip to LB. The Gold boat ended up in the highest division than ever before. That is even more important than winning medals because it is a measure of real accomplishment. The Red boat performed consistent indicating that they were fit and tough to beat. Both crews won Gold Medals in Corp A and in Corp B. Something that have never been done before.

But, most importantly, everyone seemed to have a really good time. The team bonding and honest enjoyment of each other is what builds team synergy. It was that synergy that made the difference for us this weekend. Glad to hear that everyone made it home safe.

As you all know, it takes a team to run a team and we need to thank: Jeff with Infinity; Susy, Shirley, Helena, Bonnie, Janet, Horace with Team Lifescan; Edwin, Darren, Brandon with BalNited; Annie; Cyn; Jeanie; Mom & Dad Reyes; Tony; Amy; Lawrence; Colette; Lena; Steve; Andrew; Kathy; Vanessa; Brennan; Stacey; and everyone who did their task that was assigned to them. Thank you guys. You all helped in various ways to make this weekend a success. Please let me know if I forgot anyone.

Let us use our success this weekend as a motivator to work hard as we push forward to the Qualifiers and TI.

-Coach Ross