The Pure Joy Of Winning

It started 2 months ago. The first day the Balboa High School dragon boat team was formed. That day there were 9 boys and 1 girl. Of that group only 1 boy had paddling experience. Coach Ross worried; more girls were needed, the same group needed to show up consistently for practice, a faculty liaison was needed, etc...

He advised the kids to organize themselves, select leaders, fund raise for race entry fees, etc... So much to do to form a team, to get 20 people to buy into the idea of working for a common goal. The zen mistress would say “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

Last Saturday on a beautiful foggy day at Lake Merced, the Balboa Buccaneers Dragon Boat Team did it ! They accomplished all of their goals: get to the start line, get race experience, and have fun.

And something magical happened while these goals were being accomplished…they won !!! In each of their heats the team performed very well and in their final race of the day they placed first in their division. The win was sweet !! was not a close win….they won by a full boat length!!..remarkable for a new team! Every stroke in that race was a was pure dragon boat beauty. Even more beautiful were the faces of the kids enjoying their victory. One can only wish for many more pure victories for this team….nothing else can compare to that first win! We wish our sisters and brothers good luck and continued success on and off the water.

Captain Out!

Kathy Britt