Treasure Island - 2015

Captain’s Log.

September 14th, 2015 always brings out a lot of emotion in me. Mostly good, but some tinged with regret. I use this time to flash back on the birth of the team and my growth as a leader.

I flash back to the growth of the team, the struggles, the fun, high and low points.

From the moment we decided to become an all year competitive team our goals were always about becoming better paddlers, giving back to the community, fostering a positive environment and a diverse team. We provided a positive environment for people experiencing many life changes.

Through the course of our 11 years as a team there was one constant when we attained a goal, the constant was team synergy. I learned that synergy needed to be nurtured, and protected. The synergy on the team ebbed and flow through the years.

We rejoiced at our highs and learned from the lows. Our lowest time on the team happened when we lost one of our paddlers to a heart attack. We weathered the low times with dignity and resolve.

We still have a few members of that class of 2005: Cyn, Rob, Tracy, Ross and myself.

So many people devoted their time and a big part of their lives to the growth and strength of the team. A few of us took a year off for health or family reasons. They were welcomed back with open arms. We've seen relationships blossom, baby's born, families grow, our youth paddlers becoming members of our team as adults. We have one paddler who deserves the title MVP. A paddler who has been at the helm of the team from its birth to today. This paddler never took time off. Today I want to recognize this paddler as the most outstanding of us all. Our head coach Ross!

As we embark on our 11 year old birthday this weekend, it doesn't matter what happens on the water, we are already winners, we won the best prize, our head coach Ross!

Your captain, 

Kathy Britt