Regatta 2012 - The Magical Race

Captain’s Log,

Regatta 2012, The Magical Race

The day dawned with brilliant sunshine, a light mist on the lake, it was
the perfect day for dragon boat racing. Wee knew the winds would
come in by mid afternoon. For now we just wanted to enjoy what we
had. The gold crew with a few paddlers from the red crew mixed in
had their first race of the day the masters…old people over 40 years of
age. It was not a good race for us and that was the start of my racing for
the day.

Usually my first race serves to get the butterflies out of stomach and get
me ready for serious racing. This did not happen with the masters race.
I felt defeated. Apart from racing I was working as race operations. At
this point I preferred to work rather than race.

Ross always talk about a “magical race’ of each festival. It is one race of
a festival where all the start are aligned and you feel like racing is pure
joy and 20 paddlers are one with the boat. I did not feel that we would
get one of those today. All day we were racing with people in higher
divisions who we never raced before, so it felt like we were constantly
getting spanked. I was sick of it.

Ross gave his usual inspiration speech as were standing in marshalling
area. I turned to Jose, my seat mate and said” this is it, last race of the
day, lets do it”. At the start line, we had to wait for several minutes as
the finish line was repaired. We were all on edge, but focused. When the
start was called, our boat blasted out of the line and never stopped !
I wanted to win so badly and I felt the same desire from everyone else in
the boat, I could hear Ross, Lawrence and Gio yelling, Tony screaming
and we were 20 paddlers, one stroke, each stroke more powerful than
the one before. We all wanted the same thing and in that need was born
synegy and victory. Even 3 days later as I remember the feeling tin the
boat, I am still in awe !. We shared something very special in that race, I
love you Healers Gold !

Kathy Britt